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Auto market after the self...
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Auto market after the self oriented electricity suppliers more competitive



Maintenance and maintenance of electricity suppliers into a hot spot
According to the tire world network, the car after the market is a very deep area, in addition to auto finance, maintenance service is the largest margin of profit, capacity is huge, and electricity suppliers to change the traditional maintenance service model. At present, the maintenance service is in the exploration period of the market, and has become the hot spot of the new round of the automobile market.
Analysys think tank, the report analyzes the mode of electric maintenance service providers, including four: one is self type, in the online sale of auto parts and accessories business platform and the line provide service, such as keeping a car free; second is. Diversion platform, online search service, line maintenance shop into line passenger flow, such as keeping a car bit, a station; the third is door-to-door service mode, such as Bo PAI; four is the supply chain service, providing system construction for the maintenance industry chain.
According to the analysis, in which the door service and diversion platform mode is more favored by the capital. In addition, the report also predicted the trend of the development of the maintenance service providers:, giant involved, cross-border cooperation to upgrade; second, door model continue to emerge, subdivision market competition; third, have line of business resource will come from behind.
Pain points in the domestic automobile market
Analysys analysts believe that way tiger keep a car is the car repair and maintenance service business of self mode of comprehensive strength of the strongest on behalf of the enterprise. Its number of coverage, user activity, business resources, brand influence, financial strength, warehousing and logistics, 6 important dimensions are in the industry leading position, and the platform's existing resources and operational capacity is far more than the industry with the level of competitors.
Analysys think tank pointed out, with the Chinese private car ownership increased gradually, the future automobile market scale is increasingly optimistic. And in the mature foreign car market, the car market accounted for about 2/3 of the automobile industry chain profit share.

But at present, the domestic car market is still a lot of pain, the industry is extremely fragmented, the lack of standard specification, the price of spare parts and consumption habits and other issues, has been plagued by consumers





Self oriented electricity suppliers more profitable
According to the analysis, the development of "Internet", after the car market has brought a series of market opportunities, to import electricity supplier, door-to-door service, platform diversion, car tools, auto parts, B2C, auto parts, and B2B modes as the carrier of entrepreneurs, the influx of automotive after market.
In the report, Analysys pointed out that in many platform model, in the online sale of auto parts and accessories business platform and the line for the owners to provide repair and maintenance services of self-supporting electric type model is relatively clear, the pattern changed the system maintenance service mode, and in the ability to integrate the supply chain and logistics and warehousing to have a greater advantage. Among them, the road to the road tiger car network as a sign of the emergence of China's repair and maintenance services market began to start the electricity suppliers.
In addition, Analysys analysis that in automotive after market of six major aspects of the industry chain (production, warehousing, logistics, sales, guide, service), industry chain business of Self Involvement most mining profits are relatively high, the future with the core competitive force.
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