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From the point and face O2O...
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Year o2o industry focus on the outbreak of the 2015, taxi, buy, ordering, beauty industry from all walks of life began a run of o2o burn wars. The said bone dry, in the mortality rate as high as 90% of the marathon, although many start-up companies quietly die, but still was born for example drops fast, the United States and other groups to represent the unicorn enterprises.
Look around the market, after the car market this year ushered in a battle to embrace O2O. Automotive after market, free car wash, home maintenance, and other kinds of business flourishing, although burn days not see the end, but companies still has been investors pay close attention to. Analysys report shows that in 2014, car sales have exceeded 20 million, the recoverable amount of the automobile over 1.3 billion, is expected to 2015 years of automotive after market size will exceed 70 billion yuan.
It can be predicted that the market size of 700000000000 yuan will be born a number of unicorn. But it must be recognized that such a problem:
With the car after the market of Internet cooperation more in-depth, the development of the automotive industry has changed from the heavy resource market to service market, the use of O2O model to carry out the car market business is just a quick way to achieve a single point of breakthrough, to service platform transformation is the ultimate goal.
Billion size: auto market after the big ecology
After the car market is the car sales, around the car using the process of various services. Also is the car sold to scrap the process, the use of a series of follow-up transactions around the car after the general term.
Famous professional manager Wang Yujun has been this summary of the car after the nineteen major business: auto repair, car beauty, car decoration, car maintenance, car maintenance, car electronics, car modification, car accessories, car accessories, car rental, car rental, car entertainment video system, car entertainment video system, car, car, car, car, car advertising, car training, automotive e-commerce site......
Nineteen major business in fact constitutes the entire car after the market's big ecology, any business can continue to be subdivided into more services. Although the car after the market seems to be broad, but the current point of view, O2O cut into the main business focus on car repair, car beauty and other segments, the Venture Company is currently using O2O way can only achieve business coverage in a small number of large and medium cities.
Growth path: breakthrough, monopoly, extension
Although the Venture Company can only achieve business coverage in a small number of large and medium cities, but to recognize that this is a journey through the unicorn. Any Unicorn level of enterprises have a certain growth path, a single point of breakthrough, small run, the three major stages of the ecological extension of their development is the inevitable law. Reference drops, fast, U.S. corporations and other enterprises growth path, after the "thousand regiment war", automotive after market o2o start-up companies will ebb tide, the rapid growth of the unicorn level of enterprise.
1, a single point of breakthrough: the growing areas of segmentation
A single point of breakthrough is the inevitable choice for the automotive after market o2o start-up companies, with some of the industry case, to wash for a breakthrough in the car a little bit, quack washing, wide way car, automotive maintenance is a breakthrough in the e maintenance, Carradine, easyJet card, car maintenance and repair a breakthrough car geeks, raise car, good maintenance. These poineering companies so far, in their respective segments of root growth, retain users online mainly rely on Financing subsidies to burn, to make the flow, which with the beginning of 2014 Chushe taxi industry drops fast is exactly the same.
2, small run: speed operation to achieve monopoly
After the single point breakthrough, industry in fact is to usher in a reshuffle, only cautious burn, the speed operation, seize the opportunity and ultimately the market monopoly in order to usher in a survival hope.
To wash, wash the car as an example from the cloud, the Venture Company is not capital chain rupture, died in the market cultivation period. And to meet a attention home car start-up companies, for example, the first single free, then every single as long as 19 yuan, each car about 20 minutes. This business has been launched, it has been sought after by many owners. But according to the China Business News reported in August 8th, the capital of the Venture Company in January this year, the product has only 7 months of time, although the time has been achieved, but still faces a low conversion rate dilemma.
Analysis of the ratio of consulting (BigData-Research) pointed out that the reasonable layout and quickly adjust their operation, directly related to o2o wash car project of the user experience and the conversion rate. According to the monitoring, consultation, car APP monthly active users is not high, how to enhance the user conversion rate? The car has become the O2O industry "hoe". In the face of low conversion rate of the dilemma, when the Venture Company need to quickly clear the direction of future business profits, and began to expand the relevant business.
To wash the o2o, for example, ratio of consulting believes that as car after car market entrance, simply rely on car wash will be difficult to meet the demand for the company's profit, the future can be beauty, maintenance and other value-added services by opening up more profit space. So, car wash O2O companies in the future to find the direction of future business profits, tend to expand value-added business. With a car, e car wash, for example, the two in the provision of car wash business, while also into the car beauty, maintenance and other business areas, in order to open up more profit space.
3, ecological extension: business expansion construction platform
For now, cut into the car market outlook
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