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In recent years, the number of private cars has exceeded the quality of the warranty period, so that the car service market is gradually warming, but by various factors, many terminal services store performance is declining. Coincides with the "Internet + Dongfeng is blowing more strength, in the situation of the transformation and upgrading of the automotive aftermarket industry is badly in need of, merchant market the how to identify the location, grasp opportunities?. 21, held in the City Association for the Internet "+" mode of automobile after service market forum, relevant experts and scholars and vehicle maintenance practitioners gives respective suggestions.
Car rear Market: good big piece of cake
How big is the current car service market? To participate in the Internet + mode of the car after the service market summit forum guests were given a series of figures: as of the end of 2014, China's private car ownership is 125000000, of which about 40% of the private car has passed the quality assurance period." "National car repair business as many as 480000 households." "At present, there are nearly 4000 auto repair companies, nearly auto parts dealers in Jilin province." "Changchun city car ownership is about 1000000, and has maintained a high growth rate."
Number is talking. Obviously, China's auto service market has become a hot gold market, the car after the service market concentration, integration, convergence trend will become increasingly evident. With the Jilin Province Automobile Maintenance Industry Association vice president and Secretary General Wu Dongfeng said, the car repair industry has become an important livelihood industry related to the quality of life of the people."
Wu Dongfeng also hit the nail on the head pointed out that the current car market after the service, especially industry of vehicle maintenance and repair, there exists a great deal of shoddy, expand and extend the working hours, perpetrating a fraud "Maoni" behavior, the after service market low-end services surplus, the loss of high-end service problem exists. From the beginning of last year, auto repair industry has been in decline, the loss ratio as high as 49%, capital fled the 4S shop.
Integration and Innovation: the feasible way out of the car after service
On the one hand is a large and growing customer demand, on the one hand is the market situation of cohabitation, both in the Internet age meet, makes the car market after the subversion of the traditional "usher in" innovation "of the new pattern of fusion.
In the Internet + era, big data become an important strategic resource. Jilin University Department of technology and economic management institute director Fei Yupeng Dr., Changchun sunshine Dezhong Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. General Manager Yang Guang and other guests at the forum invariably referred to the data information resources. Experts believe that the automotive service market should be based on the characteristics of the Internet, and constantly open up and integrate resources, promote the maintenance of information technology industry. For example, to improve the vehicle maintenance data files, for the car "three packs", used car transactions and product recall to provide means and basis, to encourage maintenance companies to establish and improve the maintenance service management information system, etc..
Wu Dongfeng think, adhere to the industry transformation and upgrading, improve service quality, and create a fair competitive environment should be the direction of the Internet + era after the car service market efforts. He proposed to get rid of the monopoly of the repair parts, to encourage the development of third party auto repair parts certification bodies, to encourage the development of electronic commerce, such as auto parts distribution enterprises. He also proposed to promote green maintenance operations, and promote sustainable development of the industry.
With the market environment and the change of people's consumption habits, car door maintenance because of the time, convenient, transparent and other advantages has become one of the most popular car market after one of the entrepreneurial projects. Car industry Co., Ltd. CEO Zhang Liang said that the core competitiveness of the car door maintenance is the user experience is good or bad. At the product level, to optimize the international and domestic well-known brand accessories or supplies products as a supporting, supply from the source, to prevent counterfeiting; in the technical level, to ensure the professionalism of technicians; at the same time, learn from the evaluation function of online shopping, establish a complete evaluation system, to provide a reference for the owners choose to serve.
Zhang Qingfeng, director of operations director of the company, said the Internet to build a platform for the ecosystem, so that end users, service providers, spare parts suppliers to effectively interact, so as to create output value and economic benefits, realize the rat model (Reverse Auction Technology) and the perfect combination of B2B2C business model.
Take the initiative to "net" to seize the market opportunities
"Internet +" heady, to wash the car, repair, maintenance, including the automobile service enterprises opened the door. Under the new situation, there have been wenfengerdong of automobile service enterprises, traditional auto industry and the Internet fusion, strive to seize the opportunity, seize the initiative in the era of the "Internet +.
"Benefits the world" currently has more than 25% of the country's motor vehicle owners, there are about ten million "benefits of the world," the owner of the user. Zhang Qingfeng, the company has passed app, website, micro channel "Internet +" means, such as a public platform, combined with vehicle OBD car networking hardware equipment, comprehensive integration, including home repair, car repair oto, driving, car insurance, the second-hand car business, auto service industry market and strive to become the largest automobile service industry platform.
3 years ago, "Sun Dezhong" began to develop channels fine direction, gradually set up 18 auto parts stores. "Two years ago we realized that the traditional distribution model and the integration of the Internet is not good." Yang Guang said that the two years, the company has been doing is to integrate with the Internet, the accessories manufacturers, manufacturers, banks, insurance, data, Research Institute and other resources integration, the use of the Internet
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